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wrt. the quadartic equations video uploaded in youtube on 19th nov,2016,the complete discussion is chargeable with rs.600,pl give a mail to for details,its suggested u order for dvd or pen drive for the whole discussions.


we are a forum of hundreds of bank probationary officers,IITians now working in all kinds nationalized banks and other firms across the country in highest ranks.

Having come to know that bank exams are confined only to some particular parts of india like bihar,UP, orissa,hyderabad,chennai and confined to mathematically strong students,we started our endaevour to reach each and every student starting from most intrinsic villages of india to cosmopolitan metros,from poorest of the poor to richest of the rich,from weak students to academical toppers.

I am  Mr.SACHIDANANDA RATH, a renowned faculty of bangalore for higher quantitative speed maths, IIT MATHEMATICS ,IIT PHYSICS,VEDIC MATHEMATICS  having served the city for more than 7 years and being into active eduaction having served in almost all leading institutes of india for more than 12 years,a state topper of class 10th with an overall academic of 86 %  having  completed my BSc (physics),BSc(fo),college of agriculture,OUAT,bhubaneswar,orissa  i took education as my profession.I am the profounder and faculty  of BANGALORE SCHOOL OF BANKING, phone:09945051713,


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